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Year 6

Panda Class – Mr Smith 






Tree Kangaroo Class – Mrs Freeman 




Exciting things the children will be learning in the Summer term… Our topic this term will be ‘Enthralling Egyptians’. One of the school’s themes is farming and so we shall be establishing how the Egyptians farmed and comparing this to more modern farming that the children would have studied in previous years. We shall also be exploring some of the more interesting aspects of Ancient Egypt including mythology, mummification and the afterlife. In Science we will be investigating Forces and seeing how they act on different object including friction, air resistance and water resistance. In RE, we will be answering two key questions: What does it mean if God is holy and loving and Was Jesus the Messiah. In PSHE, we will be looking at how important it is to follow rules and what rights and therefore responsibilities young people have. We will also explore our emotions and how we can best express ourselves along with taking part in AntiBullying week. In Computing, we will be looking at 3d modelling and using an online system to manage this and then how to create our own webpages. In PE, the children will be completing a fun Egyptian dance unit before exploring body symmetry in gymnastics. For our outdoor sessions, we shall be completing a unit on basketball and hockey. In Art, we will be doing some observational drawing and looking specifically at the Eye of Horus. In D&T, we shall be designing and making a Christmas decoration. More information can be found by accessing the ‘Curriculum Captures’