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Year 5

Exciting things the children will be learning in the Spring term...

During Spring term our overarching topic is going to be World War Two(WWII).We are focussing on agriculture and the home front. We are all very excited about this. In part of this we are going to be learning about the geography of Europe. Our key text for this term is Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. Our English units of work are going to link to WWII to create greater learning connections for the children. We are going to begin by learning about Journalistic Writing covering the outbreak of WWII through newspaper reports and delving into the inner thoughts and feelings of evacuees through diary entries. Later in the term, the children will be writing their own persuasive speeches based on Winston Churchill’s The Finest Hourspeech.Our Art is linked to our topic with a focus on Propaganda posters and BLITZ Art.In Science we are learning about classification, life cycles and reproduction. This will be linked to our WWII topic with a focus on growing food. In DT we are going to be focusing on rationing and healthy eating. For Mathematics, the first half term will be focussing on multiplication and division. Due to lock down and anxieties some of the children have about these areas of learning, we will be revisiting some Year 4 objectives to secure their understanding before moving on to Year 5 objectives. During the second half term, we will be focusing on time and measures, including conversion, area, perimeter and volume.