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Year 4 Off Site Learning


Play spelling shed regularly to practice the words set as per the recommendations above. Children also have a list of the year 4 common exception words that they can practice in their packs.


We’ve included some ‘SPAG Mats’ for revision of key skills. The children have completed these in class before so should be familiar with the format.


Please keep reading every day.  You will be able to access Accelerated Reader to take quizzes at home during the school closure using the following web link:  Please ensure you do not help the children with these.

You can use to see whether you have any books at home that have Accelerated Reader quizzes available.

There is also an inference activity in the pack which the children could complete.


Daily diary writing

We are due to learn about recounts in class so this is a perfect opportunity to develop this skill.  Ask your child to keep a daily diary.  When they write this, encourage them to describe how they felt as well as what they did.  Can they include any funny anecdotes or extra detail to make it interesting when they read it back in the future?

Picture Prompts

Children often enjoy making up a story from a picture prompt. Show a child any picture to spark their imagination – a haunted wood or a hot air balloon for example - and set them a limited time to write a story using that as inspiration.


We have worked a lot on explanation text writing. Could the children invent their own ‘Wacky Machine’ and write an explanation text to explain how it works?


Times Table Rock Stars can be accessed by all children to practise key multiplication and division facts. Mathletics and Purple Mash will also be available for children to go on.  We have included lots of maths activities in the pack which the children can work through steadily.

Other useful websites include topmarks, where children can practise core skills,

nrich, where challenging problem solving tasks can be found


There are a range of activities in your home learning packs covering our history topic, The Tudors, and our science topics about ‘The Digestive System’ and ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.

The children have also been using the Purple Mash programme ‘2Animate’ in computing lessons at school. They can continue to use this at home on their devices.

To keep your children active, there are some suggested links on the school website and also, we believe Joe Wicks – the body coach – will be running daily 30 minutes PE lessons on his Youtube channel.

Here are some other useful websites where you can download activities for all age groups and subjects:

Both these teacher resources have opened up to parents for free in this trying time.