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Year 3 Off Site Learning


  • Play spelling shed using the words set.


  • Dictionary Scavenger Hunt

Children will need a dictionary to complete this task. We have used dictionaries in class and this is a useful skill to consolidate. Take ideas from the sheet and adapt them further if your child enjoys this activity.

  • Adjectives for effect

The children have done lots of work on adjectives. This activity encourages them to think how they are used for effect. It is differentiated with one star being for the less confident and two stars being for the most confident.

  • Identifying adverbs

Children can choose their level of challenge. Answers are provided at the bottom.


Please keep reading every day. You will be able to access Accelerated Reader at home during the school closure.

Children have their log on details in their Home School Partnership Diaries.

You can use to see whether you have any books at home that have Accelerated Reader quizzes available.


  • Daily diary writing

We are currently learning about diaries and recounts in class so this is a perfect opportunity to consolidate this skill. Ask your child to keep a daily diary. When they write this, encourage them to describe how they felt as well as what they did. Can they include any funny anecdotes or extra detail to make it interesting when they read it back in the future?


We are currently working on the ‘curly caterpillar’ family of letters. These all begin on the line and loop up and around. Please use the paper provided and work your way through from the beginning e.g. begin with c, then join cc and then write a word e.g. car. Confident children could write a sentence. Less confident children could focus on the formation and not join up at this time. Children should start each letter on the red line. Tall letters should reach the blue line. Short letters should stay within the red lines.


Times Table Rock Stars can be accessed by all children to practise key multiplication and division facts. Mathletics and Purple Mash will also be available for children to go on.  (see links under Online Learning)

We have included an Easter Maths Origami activity and some quick mental challenges that recap learning we have covered so far this year.


Religious Education

  • Find out more about the Five Pillars of Islam, and make a poster about one or more of them. You can find some more information here:


  • If you have paints at home, practise creating different tints and shades of a colour (e.g. using one colour and adding white to create tints or black to create shades). If you have internet access, you could rewatch the video we used in class to remind you of this learning:
  • Additionally or alternatively, you may like to try out some of the sketchbook skills from the accompanying sheet.


  • Continue to practise body percussion, remembering to keep a steady pulse throughout. Use the example grid attached to practise performing. You could then use the blank grid to compose your own piece. If you want to rewatch Anna Meredith’s ‘Connect It’ composition, you can find it here:


  • Practise the spreadsheet skills we have learnt using the Purple Mash program 2Calculate. Log onto Purple Mash then select Home – Tools – 2Calculate. Can you remember how to select images and how to find the total of prices?


  • We have been learning about the history of farming equipment and, in particular, how wheat farming has changed over time. Can you choose one of the activities from the Farm Linked Activities sheet to carry out?