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Year 2 Off Site Learning


  • Read every day with your child, use the VIPERS questions in the home learning diary to support asking a range of questions. For ideas on which book to choose, you may wish to look at the Year 2 reading booklist in the Year 2 section on the school website.   

  • KS1 60 second reads bumper pack found on the twinkl website. These are free using the link and code provided.  code UKTWINKLHELPS 

  • Play phase 5 and/or 6 games on the Phonicsplay website. These resources are free using the username and password provided. Username: march20 Password: home 

  • Listen to a story, this could be read by a parent, an audiobook or Cbeebies bedtime stories. You will also find a range of stories available on youtube. 


  • Keep a mini diary of what you have been doing at home, make sure to be descriptive and include how you are feeling.  

  • Write a story about you or a character going to an imaginative land. Where have you gone? What does it look like? What exciting things may happen? How do you feel?  

  • Write a book review including what you liked about the book, what you didn’t like, who would you recommend it to and why, what star rating would you give it. Try to explain using because.   


  • Play spelling games on SpellingShed. Children have been provided with their usernames and passwords. 

  • Practise spelling the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words. Make sure to write a sentence using each word.  

  • Practise using the suffixes -ed, -ing, -er, est and -y at the end of words. What real words can you create e.g. run= runner, running and runny but not runned or runnest.  

  • For more spelling rules see the English National Curriculum Appendix in Year 2 on the website.  


  • Practise Mathletics, we have assigned some activities for the children.  

  • Practise Multiplication and Division facts for the 1, 2, 5, 10 times tables. using Timestables Rockstars 

  • KS1 Maths Arithmetic SATs Tests 60 found on the twinkl website. These are free using the link and code provided.  code UKTWINKLHELPS 

  • You can access active maths activities via this link Under filters select Year 2, pick any teaching objective and select a lesson.  

  • Use There are lots of activities on here. You could use Hit the Button to practise mental math knowledge. 


  • Use Google Earth to look up places in the United Kingdom that you have visited and see what physical and human features you can find. Create a fact file telling us all about the location you have chosen.