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Year 2

We have lots of brilliant learning to come in the Summer term. Our topic for the whole term is 'Africa vs Antarctica'.

In the first half of the Summer term our topic will be centred around ‘Africa’.

As part of our Geography learning, we will be learning all about the seven continents and locating the hot and cold areas of the world. We shall then focus in on Kenya and its human and physical geographical features before comparing it to Waterbeach! In our Science learning will be working scientifically as we carry out an investigation into what a plant needs to grow. We shall plant seeds and watch them grow (or not) in different conditions. In Computing we will be learning how to use databases and pictograms to ask and answer questions, then move onto create binary trees. In PE we shall be practising our athletics skills including walking and running over obstacles, and throwing and jumping for accuracy and distance. In PSHE we shall be learning how to manage risks and be safe. We shall learn about road safety, sun safety and water safety and how encountering these risks makes us feel. In RE we shall be learning about the Sikh religion and how Sikh’s contribute to the wider community. In Music, we will be learning about music around the world: ‘Antarctica to Africa’.


In the second half of the Summer term we shall focus on ‘Antarctica’.

We shall begin with exciting history learning on two explorers: Captain Robert Scott and Sir Ernst Shackleton. We will learn about three expeditions: The Discovery Expedition, The Nimrod Expedition and The Terra Nova Expedition. In DT, we will be designing a suitable vehicle for the Antarctic terrain then making this using wheels and axles. In Art, we shall be studying the artist Georgia O’Keefe. We shall explore colour mixing and creating shades and tints before painting a landscape in the style of O’Keefe. In Computing we will be learning how to present ideas. We will create a digital quiz and presentation to then present to the class. In RE we shall be exploring Christian beliefs around the question ‘What is the good news Jesus brings?’ We shall learn about the gospels and why Christians pray. In Music, we will learn to play the ukulele!