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Year 1 Off Site Learning

Please find attached a range of Year 1 activities that your child can work on at home. Some of the activities will be games that can be played online, others will be activity sheets.


1. Reading- the Oxford Owl website has some fantastic free e-books for your child to read and enjoy!

2. Phonics Play- a great website full of phonics games for the children to use. They could practise games aimed at Phase 3-5

3. ICT Games- a great website full of phonics games for the children to use. They could practise games aimed at Phase 3-5

Suggested games:

(Dinosaur egg game)

(Look, Cover, Write, Check)

4. Phonics- real and nonsense word colouring sheet.

5. Phonics Mats- children to complete the activities on the phonics mats.

6. Common Exception Word speed writing- the children all have the Common Exception Words listed in their Reading Diaries. They should choose a word and see how many times they can write it in 1 minute. They could type, write or build the words from Lego. Children could also choose a word and practise writing it in a sentence.

7. Writing sentences about pictures- children should try to write some exciting sentences or a short story next to the images. Try to check that your child has used a capital letter and full stop in the correct places.

8. Question writing- children to choose a famous person. Draw a picture of them and then write 5 interesting questions that they would like to ask the person. They should start with a capital letter and finish with a question mark.

9. Adjective spider diagrams- children draw a picture of a character/animal/monster/alien in the middle of a piece of paper. Around the outside they should create a spider diagram of adjectives to describe the picture they have drawn. E.g. smooth. slimy, bright pink, friendly, cheeky

10. ABC game- see if the children can think of a noun, verb or adjective for every letter of the alphabet. They could write them down or say them aloud.

Noun- a person, a place or an object

Verb- a verb tells you what the noun is doing.

Adjectives- adjectives describe a noun.


1. Mathletics- children can play a wide range of games linked to the Year 1 Maths curriculum. The children’s log in details can be found in the back of their reading diaries.

2. ICT Games- a great website full of maths games for the children to use.

3. Hit the Button- a great game to improve children’s quick recall of number facts such as doubles, halves and number bonds to 20

4. Telling the Time Board Game- chn to play the board game. When they land on a square with a clock, they must read the time aloud.

5. Maths Mats- children to solve the questions on the maths mats.

6. Word problems-children to write their own London themed addition and subtraction themed word problems.

E.g. 25 people were at Buckingham Palace. 6 more people came to look at the guards. How many people were there altogether?

7. Guess the shape game- Find some objects that are 2D or 3D shapes in your house. Begin to describe one of the shapes to a family member and see if they can guess which shape you are describing!

E.g. The shape I am thinking of is 2D. It has 1 continuous curved side. What is it? (Circle)

8. Birds’ Eggs and Number Lines Challenges- read the instructions and try to solve the problems.

9. Mathletics Challenge Booklets- see if you can solve the challenge sheets

10. Great Fire of London Mosaic pictures- children to solve the addition and calculation questions within 20 and then colour in the corresponding squares. Once done, it should reveal a picture linked to the Great Fire of London!


1. Spring Poster- make a poster all about the changes and things that you may see in Spring. You could draw pictures of the weather, plants, trees or animals! You could also watch this video to give you some ideas (around 4 mins long. Images- no talking)

2. After the Easter Holidays we will begin a new topic titled ‘Under the Sea’. Carry out some research in non-fiction books or on your computer and then make a fact file or poster about the sea/oceans/or a sea creature.

3. Paint or draw a picture including as many different London landmarks as possible!

4. Create a piece of art, or a model inspired by the Great Fire of London. You could build the Pudding Lane bakery or you could paint a portrait of Samuel Pepys.

5. Great Fire of London Game: see if you can use your history knowledge to play this fantastic history themed game

6. Purple Mash- explore the vast range of activities on Purple Mash. The children can play maths games, create online story books or create works of art. The children are familiar with this program

as they have used it in both Computing and Music lessons. The children’s log in details can be found in the back of their reading diaries. 

7. As you know, our school has drastically changed this year with the new build. See if you can design your own school! You could create your school in a shoebox, or you could draw a picture of all the different rooms that you would include.

8. Write an acrostic poem, using a London themed word e.g. Bus, The Shard, City, Palace, Taxi, Underground.

9. Make up your own London themed song or dance!

10. Imagine that you are a scuba diver. Write an imaginary diary to explain what happened to you and what you saw as you dived further into the sea! Did you see any special fish? Did you see any shipwrecks or sharks?