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Year 1

We will begin the Autumn term with our topic ‘Down on the Farm’. First we will explore what happens on a farm and then we will learn how farming has changed over time. We will learn about farming machinery and vehicles and make our own tractor. We will consider the different jobs that people do on a farm and we will learn some of the techniques and skills that are used on a farm. In Science we will learn all about how crops are grown and made into produce that we buy in the shops. In Art we will produce vegetable and fruit self-portraits inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. After half term we will explore the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn and we will investigate what happens with the weather, animals and on a farm. In Design Technology we will have fun learning about fruit and vegetables and finding out where they come from. We will get to try different fruit and vegetables before creating our own delicious fruity treat! In Geography we will learn all about compass directions, what a map is and will practise following some simple instructions and routes. Before Christmas we will be practising for our Christmas Nativity!