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Year 1


Our topic for this term is London’s Burning. We begin the topic with Geography by exploring the UK and its capital cities with a focus on modern day London. In Science, we will explore different materials such as plastic, wood and examine the impact they have on the environment. As part of Design and Technology, we will explore the structure of Tudor houses and think about the best materials to use to make our own Tudor house model. In music, we will explore different folk songs from around the UK.

During the second half of the term, we will travel back to the past and explore what London was like in 1666. In History, we will learn about the events of the Great Fire, how it started? Why did it spread? And the reasons for why it is called the ‘great fire’. We will take inspiration from the Great Fire to create London Fire pictures using the technique of collage. In PE, we will also create our own fire dances in and listen to traditional songs and rhymes linked to London e.g., London’s burning in music. In Science, we will continue to explore the seasons, we will start to explore Spring and how the weather has changed, what effect this has had on plants and animals and how these changes compare with Autumn and Winter.

As part of PSHE, we will be teaching Relationships and Sex Education, more information to follow closer to the time. More information about our curriculum More information about the curriculum content can be found in our ‘Curriculum Captures’ (click here) on the school website. These are useful for parents to see the content of what is being taught and to use this information to help support your child at home.