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School Council

Our School Council has a history of having quite a signficant impact on the work ofthe school. They have raised funds and tackled a variety of issues. They are voted into office at the start ofthe year. Members are year 1 onwards and usually one from each class.

School council 2018-19

Our school council are a group of children (years 1-6) who meet regularly to discuss ideas and issues affecting everyday school life. We think about other children’s learning and play, to try and improve the school to its best potential.

In alternative Friday meetings, we are a group of children nominated to represent views of all the pupils in our individual classes. To get this done successfully, it requires a lot of skills: being able to share ideas; listening; team-work; problem-solving and confidence. These are things I think the whole school council can do. By having these abilities, the council have achieved many things over the year:


The 4 prefects are pupils of the school (years 5-6) that help the mid-day supervisors to give warnings and gold tokens. These people act as a role-model to others and were interviewed by a few members of the council and the most worthy prefects were chosen.


By different sponsored events, the school has raised lots of money for our school and children in need. We have gathered money for the year 2 summer play-house, which gives the kids a place to learn and have fun outside.


The school council have been involved in making the SHINE (Succeed, help others, inspire, never give up and engage) system successful. We have given the year 6 children an opportunity to get there bronze SHINE award before they go into Cottenham village college, where they will be able to get there silver award straight away.