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Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Relationships Education in our school

We believe Relationships Education is learning about emotional, social and physical aspects of our lives, about ourselves and our relationships. It enables pupils to develop essential life skills for building and maintaining positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitative relationships. It equips pupils with information and skills they need to understand about themselves, their peers and people they meet in the wider community. It explores risks, choices, rights, responsibilities and attitudes. It will help pupils to develop skills to keep themselves and others safer, physically and emotionally, both on and off line. Relationships Education enables pupils to explore their own attitudes and those of others respectfully.

Aims of Relationships Education

Through the delivery of Relationships Education we intend to further our school’s aims of providing a curriculum which is relevant to the needs of pupils, both now and in the future. It will enable pupils to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which enhance their personal development and wellbeing. This will have a direct, positive effect on their progress and achievement in school. All adults in school will work towards achieving these aims for Relationships Education.

We seek to enable our children to:

• develop interpersonal and communication skills

• develop positive, personal values and a moral framework that will guide their decisions and behaviour

• respect themselves and others, their views, backgrounds, cultures and experiences 

• develop respectful, caring relationships based on mutuality, reciprocation and trust

• develop their ability to keep themselves and others safe, physically and emotionally, both on and off-line

• develop their understanding of a variety of families, home situations and how families are central to the wellbeing of children

• recognise and avoid coercive and exploitative relationships

• explore relationships in ways appropriate to their age and stage of development

• value, care for and respect their bodies and those of others

• build confidence in accessing additional advice and support for themselves and others


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