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Outdoor Learning


There’s so much to learn outdoors!

We believe in providing our children with many different activities which will build their confidence and give them a positive attitude towards life. What better place to start than in the great outdoors?

Children have the opportunity to take part in activities on the school site in Forest School sessions. We also give them many opportunities for out of school learning. Year 6 children take part in a residential trip that is based on team work and learning through outdoor activities. Teachers also arrange school visits linked to topic work which will further children's learning.

Nature has many lessons for all. All of the developments that you can read about below have come about because of the community spirit that is inherent within our school. The pond was totally rebuilt, the orchard was cleared and planted, the roundhouse was sourced and built. These have been made possible because of the people in the community who wish to help the children to have the very best. Our thanks go to them all.  

Our Environmental Garden

We have a lovely space for our children to learn about nature. Our dipping platform was sourced from the, now closed, Waterbeach Barracks.

In this area the children can climb trees, build dens and search the pond for a variety of fascinating creatures including frogs and great crested newts. During Forest Friday sessions (EYFS) and Wellie Wednesday activities (Year 1), the children are taught how to take risks in a safe environment. The children have a great time and are so animated by such great learning opportunities.


The Roundhouse

During the Summer of 2016 children in year 2 have been building a roundhouse. They have created plans and measured materials in order to ensure that the dimensions were correct. Under the leadership of their class teacher Mrs Johnstone, the children have woven carefully selected willow cuttings to make a sturdy base. The whole school has also helped in this task. A canopy has been added to create the roof. The children now have a fantastic outdoor class area where they can go to read together or just to make up all sorts of great play adventures. Well done year 2 and Mrs Johnstone!



 The Orchard

We have also developed our very own Honeycomb Orchard. To improve the biodiversity of our school grounds we planted an orchard of pears, apples and plums. These trees are traditional varieties that were grown in Waterbeach 100 years ago. We also planted a wild flower meadow.




The School Grounds

In our grounds we have seen foxes, hedgehogs, grass snakes, great crested newts, frogs, woodpeckers and many more animals. Our wildflower meadow is a blaze of colour and attracts numerous insects. It is a wonderful environment in which our children can learn and play.