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Access Information

Waterbeach Community Primary School is disability friendly. The main school is on one level, corridors are wide and we have two easy access toilets. Our new block has two floors with wide corridors and a lift is also available.  We generally find that no additional adaptations to the building are necessary for children with physical disabilities. Other adaptations to the physical environment will be made, as appropriate, to accommodate children with other sensory disabilities.

All of our classrooms are inclusion-friendly: we aim to teach in a way that will support children with tendencies towards dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD etc. This is good practice to support all children but is vital for those who particularly need it. All of our children access the full National Curriculum, and we recognise achievement and expertise in all curricular areas. As part of normal class differentiation, curriculum content and ideas can be simplified and made more accessible by using visual, tactile and concrete resources.

Access to extra-curricular activities

All of our children have equal access to before school, lunchtime and after school clubs which develop engagement with the wider curriculum. Where necessary, we make accommodation and adaptation to meet the physical and learning needs of our children. Class trips are part of our curriculum and we aim for all children to benefit from them.

Accessibility Plan

Please see the link below for our Accessibilty Plan.