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Year 3 and 4


Spring Term 2018

In the Spring term, our topic will be CHANGES! We will be learning about how Britain has changed since the time of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings by learning about the lives and culture of the people at this time. We will going on a visit to Weststow – an Anglo-Saxon Village near Bury St Edmunds. This will really help the topic to come alive! There is also plenty of science to learn linked with this topic. We will being learning about changing states of matter, from solids, to liquids, to gases and we will also be learning about some animals’ life cycles.

In maths, our main focus will be on measurement (in particular length, perimeter and area) and fractions and decimals.

In PSHE, we will be learning about our emotions and how we control them, and about managing risk. This is a particularly useful unit of work for the Y3/4 children, as they start to need and want more independence both inside and outside of school.

In RE, we will be focusing on churches and how they differ from one another, as well as linking it to similarities and differences between buildings of worships for other religions.

Finally, at the end of the term, we will have our Year 3/4 performance! This is always a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn different skills outside of the usual classroom environment. We really hope that you will be able to come and support your child when we put on these performances. Look out for letters and emails closer to the time!


Autumn Term 2017

Our topic in the Autumn term was based on ‘Construction’.

In the first half term, this revolved around 'Prehistoric Britain' and the progress of humans from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This also involved some science work on rocks, soils and fossils.

In the second half term, we focused more on the idea of Construction itself, including work in science on forces and electricity. We combined work on learning facts with science investigations, allowing the children to learn for themselves.

In PSHE, we started the year by learning about rules and responsibilities and then moved onto learning about bullying and how to prevent it.

In RE, we learned about Judaism and, closer to Christmas, we moved onto asking the question ‘Why is Jesus an inspiration to Christians?’