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Year 1


In the first half term we will become pirates and explore different countries around the world in our topic ‘Wild Weather’. We will be learning about hot and cold countries across the continents and what weather is like around the world compared to the UK.

In the second half term we will be learning about the Victorians. We will learn about toys and how they’ve changed and find out what it was like in a Victorian classroom!

Autumn Term

We will begin the year with our ‘Once Upon a Time’ topic. The children will explore different fairy tales.  In Science we will carry out an exciting investigation to find out what is the best material to make a house for the ‘Three Little Pigs’.  The second half of the autumn term will focus on our ‘London’ topic where we will be learning about the Gun Powder plot and creating pieces of art work. Towards Christmas we will be rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity.