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Year 1


We are excited for our new topics this term! In the first half of the summer term our topic will be ‘All Around the World’ where we will virtually travel around the world learning as we go! Through our geography sessions, we will discover and explore the seven continents and five oceans of the world using globes and maps then go onto locate hot and cold countries. In Science we will be learning about the lifecycle of a plant and creating our own investigations to find out what plants need to be healthy. In Computing we will create our own algorithms using directional keys to complete challenges. In Art we will be learning about Van Gogh and the style in which he painted before painting our own huge class picture using the techniques we have learnt about! In RE we will be finding out about Sikhism.

In the second half of the summer term our topic will be ‘Take Flight!’ where we will spend time learning about Amelia Earheart and her amazing achievements! In Science we will be investigating seasonal changes and answering the question ‘What happens in summer?’ which will include looking at physical changes and recording observations of the weather. We shall then bring our learning about the four seasons together over the year and contrast and compare. In Computing we will be using the 2Count program on Purple Mash to build spreadsheets to represent data. Later on in the term we will create our own animated story books. In Design and Technology we shall investigate mechanisms and axles on vehicles before designing and creating our own! In RE we will be learning about living in harmony and showing care towards others.