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World War 2 Day

I learnt many things, including what all the ambulance equipment was, that our rifles were actually admired by the Germans and the officers didn’t wear helmets.  The most surprising fact was that Fanta was a Nazi drink which was originally called Fantasy.  I found the ambulance the most interesting because of one of the facts to do with the inside of them was that they weren’t allowed to carry weapons.

Marta Burnside


On our WWII day I got to learn about weapons and got to hold and experience how heavy they are.  We also learnt about WWII equipment and got to wear all of the equipment a soldier would wear.  I found the weapons most surprising because it is a rare thing to hold a 1940’s WWII weapon.  I found the equipment and lifestyle most interesting.  I loved the ambulance more than anything else because you never see a 77 year old WWII army ambulance on the road every day.

Savjot Chohan


We learnt about some WWII artefacts such as: a WWII ambulance; the clothes that the soldiers and officers wore and the guns that they used.  I was very surprised to find out the Nazi’s made Fanta!  I think my favourite presentation was the ambulance because we got to join in a lot.  It was also good because we got to know a secret – that there was a panel on the bottom of the ambulance that they used to clean up all of the water and blood but if they really needed to ‘go’, the nurses would use it as a toilet!   I enjoyed holding the stretcher and handling all of the de-activated guns because it was really exciting and fun.

Eleanor Southall

I learnt that if a vehicle has a red cross on it, it can’t be shot at and that a German machine guns produce 60% of the fire power of a team.  The thing I found most surprising is that Fanta is a Nazi drink and it used to be called Fantasy.  What I found most interesting was that soldiers carry a massive amount of tools and weapons.  I really enjoyed the guns because I found out that German children used bazookas to blow up tanks

Erben Ostler De Bruin