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Thorpe Woodlands, 2017

Thorpe Woodlands Experience

On Friday last week, all the year 4 children went to Thorpe Woodland Adventure Park. A wonderful day was had by all as the children (and teachers!) had to work together to solve problems, face challenges and overcome fears.

All the children faced the day with a positive attitude and a true growth mindset as many tried new experiences for the first time.

The activities that were enjoyed included; archery, ‘The Big Swing’, team challenges and canoeing.

During the archery session, the children were firing arrows to get their dream holidays. A fair few ‘bullseyes’ were achieved with first ever attempts at archery!

‘The Big Swing’ involved a nerve-wracking climb up to either an 8 or 13 metre platform on a tree. It then required a leap of faith, trusting the harness would swing you safely to the ground. Many children really managed to break through their fears on this one and even tried swinging upside down! Such daredevils we have at Waterbeach!

Team challenges required great communication to overcome lava pits, contaminated jelly babies and mine-fields! The children worked very well to help each other through the challenges.

Finally canoeing… Another new experience for many of the children. We learnt how to paddle correctly and gradually our boats gathered more of a forward momentum rather than a circular one! We enjoyed many games on the canoes which again required us to use team work and perfect our balance.

We ended the day with a final flourish as we took some daring leaps into the cold, but surprisingly refreshing, river!

See below some pictures from the day....