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Foundation Stage Home Learning

Your child is now bringing home a 'Home Learning' folder.

Each week on a Friday we will send home a home learning activity. As many of these activities will include a written aspect, you should have a phase 2 and a phase 3 sound mat to help your child in their folder. We also use these within class so they should be familiar with them and able to use them competently. (If you lose this or would like extra copies, please see downloads below.)

The home learning task should be completed by your child with your support if needed. We would like them to work as independently as possible during these tasks.

The Foundation Stage Team


We’ve had a few queries about home learning and would like to share this advice with you;

  • Please encourage your child to complete their work as independently as possible; remember this is your child’s home learning.
  • If you have helped your child (or not), you may wish to write a little note to your child’s teacher about their home learning e.g. John used the sound mat to help him find the sounds he needed. We worked together to write tricky word ‘the’.
  • We do not expect your child’s work to  be spelt perfectly!
  • Children should be using their phonetic knowledge to write e.g. blue would be written bloo, made would be maid as these are the sounds they have learnt so far.
  • Please ask your child to use pencils to complete writing rather than a pen.
  • If you complete any additional work, please put it in the home learning folder.

We will collect all the folders on a Wednesday

Thank you