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This term, our topic was ‘The Groovy Greeks’. We learned about the ancient Greeks with a focus on Greek myths and legends. We started by reading a version of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ which the children enjoyed immensely. The topic also led us into some science work on animals (Aristotle was the first person to attempt an animal classification system) and sound (Greek theatres were designed to allow the best acoustics possible!)


This term, our topic was the Roaming Romans, reflecting the fact that we were not just focusing on Roman lifestyle and culture, but on the spread of the Roman Empire and the effect that Romans had on countries where they settled. Our science work focus was on light and reflection, which we also linked into our work on the Romans. We went on a wonderful trip to Verulamium in St Albans to further explore our understanding of Roman life.

At the end of term we put on a wonderful production of 'Grandma's Button Box'. The children throughly enjoyed writing their own playscipts for this production and learning songs from all around the world.


This term our topic was all about Rainforests! This wonderful topic had lots of learning opportunities in many different subjects. We wrote stories based in other cultures, learning about the science of plants, the geography of rainforests and the issues surrounding deforestation and Fairtrade. We did some cooking and wrote our own recipes using Fairtrade ingredients!