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Autumn term

In the Autumn term, our whole school topic was ‘Construction’. Through this topic we learned about the history of construction, starting in the Stone Age and moving through to the present day. We learned about different architects and some of the famous structures that the children were familiar with from around the world. For their homework they even constructed some of these buildings using gingerbread, biscuits and cake!!

We also learned about different materials and techniques for construction, including Lego, which linked to our English text focus, ‘The Lego Movie’! The children showed a lot of enthusiasm for this topic and really enjoyed their learning both in school and at home. We also learned about the rock cycle and put it into practise using chocolate!

In music and dance lessons we learned about musical theatre and put on a fabulous performance called ‘A Whizz around the West End!’ The children did a wonderful job performing on the stage, acting, singing and dancing!

In PSHE, the children learned about rules and responsibilities, as well as thinking about their emotions and the emotions of others.

In RE, they learned about people of faith, courage and commitment, and later in the term, about Judaism.

We all took part in very successful ‘Mud Run’ in the Autumn which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Spring Term

In the Spring term our topic was ‘Changes’! We had fun learning about lots of different changes in history, in science and in nature.

We learnt all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, and how life has changed since then. The children were very interested in learning about how the Vikings came to Britain and the changes that they made to the way of life of the Anglo-Saxons. We also learnt that the Vikings were not the last people to want to live in our country! We discovered that our year groups are very multi-cultural, with some children having been born in other countries and others whose parents or relatives moved here from other countries before they were born. We also learnt about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking religions and how they differed from Christianity. Did you know? Some of our days of the week are actually named after Anglo-Saxon and Viking Gods (Tiw-Tuesday, Woden-Wednesday, Thor-Thursday and Freya-Friday)! Our work in English linked to this when we were reading and writing Viking myths. This work culminated in a trip to West Stow, an Anglo-Saxon village in Suffolk.

In Science, the children took part in various investigations in order to see scientific changes for themselves. They investigated different insulating materials and evaporation, as part of the Water Cycle. They learnt the different skills involved when writing up a science report and the importance of a conclusion to explain what they found out.

In PSHE, the children learnt about money and how to keep it safe. They found out about different ways to spend money (cash, bank cards, cheques, gift cards and vouchers) and different ways to save money. They also started to understand the concept of bank loans and paying interest! They found it all fascinating! The second half term was spent learning about managing risks. They talked about the risks they face on a daily basis and how the risk of accidents are reduced by certain measures put in place. They also realise that some risks are not worth taking, but if accidents do happen, they now know how to make an emergency phone call!

In RE, the focus has been on Christianity, with the concept of the Church, and what it means to people, as well as learning about the Easter story with a trip to the church in Waterbeach.

Summer Term

In the summer term, our topic was ‘The Animal Kingdom’! We kicked off by taking a trip to Linton Zoo! The children wrote very persuasive letters to Miss Green to let them go to the zoo and she agreed! The trip was great fun and the children learned a lot.

We have learned about classifying different animals, as well as animal conservation and destruction of habitats. This has led to some wonderful writing and artwork. During Science week we had a visit from The Raptor Foundation and they brought some of their birds of prey to show us. We were even allowed to hold one of the owls!

The children’s home learning in topic has been of a great standard this term. They are so keen to learn about different animals that they have put a lot of effort into their learning. We have also had some excellent animal cake creations!

In RE, we looked ahead to harvest time, and all the work that goes into preparing for that. We have also learned about the religion of Islam and culture and traditions of Muslim people.

In May we started swimming lessons. This is always a very exciting time of year and the children thoroughly enjoy their time in the pool. They learned stroke skills and a variety of self-rescue skills, and all the children joined in with a successful swimming gala in June. It was a wonderful afternoon attended by many parents and the overall winner was the Hargreaves team!