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WATCH OUT YELLOW TEAM - the green team is hot on your heels!

Well done to the Sanger team for holding on to the lead - but keep working on it - you are only leading by 12 tokens!

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  • 24/07/19

    Teacher Training

    You may not know but we are facing a teacher shortage in Cambridgeshire.   Teach in Cambridgeshire have organised an Initial Teacher Training event to make people more aware of all the options open to them. This event will be of use to anyone considering a career in teaching...
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  • 19/06/19

    Latest News

    Check out the Children's Pages (relevant years) to see all the new and exciting learning experiences the classes have been up to.
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  • 07/06/19

    Anderson Shelters

    Year 4 are learning all about WW2......
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  • 22/03/19


    With all the building work going on around the school,
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  • 28/02/19

    World Book Day

    Check out the photos from World Book Day today.....
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  • 24/01/19

    Thank you all...

    Thank you all for your support on Friday 8th February. Whilst closing the school is never an option we wish to take, it was helpful that our school community worked so well with us!
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  • 22/01/19

    Latest news

    Dear Parents and Carers,    CHILDREN TO RETURN TO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY 23RD JANUARY.   Thank you for your patience. We are still in the process of planning what is going to happen with the school, but we have managed to create a temporary "fix"that will allow the...
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